The Place of Forsyth County Holiday House

11/01/2020 - 12/31/2020

The 6th Annual "The Place Holiday House" is here! Located in suite 368, The Collection is excited to welcome The Place of Forsyth County this holiday season!

"Why the Place?" - Check out the banners hanging throughout the mall to answer this question and learn about a few of the ways this non-profit changes countless lives!

How it Works:

Parents Qualify! The Place helps to assist families meeting poverty guidelines provide holiday gifts for their children!

- Children are between 0 & 18 years old 

- Each parent submits their child's wishlist

Gifts Purchased and Donated! The community purchases gifts based off of a master wishlist!

- The Place supplements where needed!

- Donations can be made starting in November through December 10

Gift Bags Assembled! The bags are assembled and parents are given a pickup time!

- December 7-10

- December 14-17

Parents Wrap! Using wrapping paper provided by The Place, parents wrap all the gifts for their children!

- December 20-24

Families Celebrate! On Christmas morning the children wake up to their beautifully wrapped surprises!

For more information visit The Place of Forsyth County's website or contact them using the information provided below!



Phone: 770-887-1098

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